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We must work on all kinds of solutions. 


1. First meeting is Thursday, September 5, 2019.  


  • Why do people choose to attack other people with guns, and how do we protect defensive rights, and still prevent attacks? 
    • Some solutions include plain old teaching coping skills.
    • I'm working on access to mental health care by addressing the workforce shortage. 
  •  How do we prevent suicides and accidents? 
    • Some solutions have to include education about storing unloaded guns in locked safes at home. 
    • Mental Health America has a program for voluntary, temporary safe harbors to store your firearms during traumatic times in your life. 
  • How do we fully respect due-process and still keep guns out of the hands of people threatening violence? 
    • Some solutions have to include background checks. 
    • There is bipartisan support for red flag/ ERPO /STOP laws.  Let's close the loopholes.   

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Since 1994, background checks have blocked more than 3 million sales to prohibited users, but federal gun laws exempt unlicensed firearm sellers.BacjgroundChecksSaveLives.jpg

In states that require background checks on all handgun sales, 47% fewer women are killed by intimate partners, 47% fewer people attempt suicide with a gun, and 53% fewer law enforcement officers are killed with a gun. 

Expanding background checks to private and online sales is critical to reducing gun violence.

For example, "in 2012, a gunman killed three people, including his wife, and injured four others at a spa in Wisconsin, after buying a gun through a private seller he found online. The shooter was prohibited from purchasing guns due to an active domestic violence restraining order against him, but was able to buy the gun anyway because the seller was not required to run a background check."

Police-Texas_Shooting_2019_0831_ABCNews.JPGThe latest mass shooting:  Midland and Odessa, TX,  August 31, 2019.

  • 22 wounded,  7 killed.   
  • It's the 5th mass shooting in Texas in 2 years. 
  • 78 wounded  in those 5 shootings would feel like 15 more people living this nightmare every 5 months in Texas. 
  • Click here for ABC News article.  

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To keep guns out of the hands of dangerous persons with a history of violence, 
and those with an active domestic violence restraining order against them, 
we should require a background check for every gun sale.  

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