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"Invest in our children, our roads, and our vulnerable populations." 


January 31, 2019 - HB2522 - 

The bill proposed a tax cut.  It would have reduced income tax rates by 0.11%.   
For a person making $54,000 that would have been about $35 in his pocket.  

But parents have been telling me for years that they would much prefer to have great schools than $35.  They have told me, "My child needs attention from a reading specialist to learn to read.  I cannot buy that with $35.   My child needs an air conditioner that works at school.  $35 cannot buy that."    Parents tell me they want to invest in Arizona and I am listening to them. 

Retirees tell me that they need repairs to their homes for things like a wheelchair ramp.  They want a little help from the state to build it because if they can stay in their homes longer, it saves Medicaid money in the long run,  and they want to stay living independently in their own homes.  A $35 tax cut won't help,  but a program for wheelchair access will.  

Arizonans tell me they want to invest in our state,  our people, our roads,  our children, to make a brighter future. 


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