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Mitzi Speaks Up For You and Your Arizona

In committees,  on the Floor,  and in the hallways of the House of Representatives,  I speak up for you, the people of Arizona and FOR:

  • Excellent public education
  • Affordable healthcare 
  • Healthy air, water, and a safe environment 
  • Fairness:  stop the rip-offs to consumers and the rip-offs to taxpayers


September 11, 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.  

Donna, Michael, Jennifer, Thomas .... Each of the names of the 3,000 souls lost to us September 11, 2001 are commemorated at the Tempe Healing Field. We will #NeverForget them. We honor the heroes and the survivors.   On that day we came together in patriotism to fight to protect our homeland, our United States of America. We continue now to join together in compassion and hope for understanding and peace in the USA and in our world.  


For videos and accomplishments in each term,  click the link:


2021-2022 Click here: 

We passed Unemployment Insurance improvements!   It was one of only a very few genuinely bipartisan achievements in 2021.  

The Republican elected leaders passed the worst budget cuts to revenue in 2021 combined with outrageous policy changes that trampled on local control and put our children's safety at risk.  Mitzi Epstein -- "The Explainer In Chief" --led the Democratic Caucus in budget debates and proposals to fight back with spreadsheets, logic.  Families and individuals still reeling from the pandemic of 2020 deserve to be recognized.  They deserve real help and a plan for the future, not slash and grab political tactics that were used by the elected Republican leaders to pass the budget that led to unprecedented numbers of lawsuits and citizens' referenda in protest.  



2019-2020 click here:

Continuing our work for suicide prevention, in 2020 we passed major legislation to make insurance for mental healthcare work better for more people.  Jake's Law was passed with a large grassroots effort in combination with contributions from experts in psychology and insurance.  Family Caregiver Grants  were passed in 2019 and improved in 2020. 



2017-2018 - click here:

Red for Ed was the theme of my first term in office.  In support of the 75,000 teachers, parents, grandparents, business owners, and students, I spoke up avidly for better teacher pay,  more counselors, safe school buildings, and reasonable class sizes.