Dem House freshmen break tradition, turn up the ‘volume’

“Dem House freshmen break tradition, turn up the ‘volume’” writes the Arizona Capitol Times." And it kinda drives the Republican Leadership crazy. Freshmen women at the Arizona Legislature get told to hush when opponents don't agree with us, but that's not stopping any of us. 

My colleagues and I have used teamwork to point out the foibles and dangers to health from bills like these: 

  • Reckless elimination of checks and balances to avoid sinkholes, floods, and toxic drinking water,
  • Tax schemes and shifts that give millions to a few,  making everybody else pay more,
  • Predatory lending,  and on and on.  


Would you please support my effort to keep the volume up and the pressure on by donating to my re-election campaign today?

When somebody else tells me hush (really, they do) they’re actually telling the 250,000 people I represent to hush. NO WAY. I won’t; we won’t. We’re there to work for you, and they better get used to the new normal.

I'm pushing for every legislator to speak up more.  Bills should be debated,  questioned, vetted and changed in a more transparent and public process.  When more people are heard, then bills can be changed to improve the outcome for everybody.  

I'm making an impact and setting a new standard of high quality, effective lawmaking in a team approach with my colleagues. 

Would you please click here to donate to my re-election campaign to keep up this work?  

I've been told time and time again that our current Republican legislative leaders do not want to thoroughly debate bills in public.  They urge us to "Work Behind Closed Doors!"   Astonishing to me!   Their process allows a "Strike Everything" amendment to be brought to the floor in one chamber and then approved in the next chamber with zero public comment. Their process yields bad results for you. 

Republicans are planning on spending unprecedented amounts of money to win this seat back so I won’t be around next session. We don’t need to raise more money than they do, but we need to keep it close. 

Please step up and donate $10, $25, or $100 today to keep this seat working for YOU.

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