Contribute to Mitzi Epstein for AZ House

To change the way things work, we need to stay strong. ME_R4E_2018_0501_black_jacket_outside.JPG

Any amount will help.  Thank you! 

You can donate using a credit card here.   

Make your check payable to  "Mitzi Epstein for AZ."   Click here to download and print this form,  fill it out,  and mail the form and check  to:  
Mitzi Epstein for AZ.
733 E. Stacey Lane
Tempe,  AZ  85284 

 If you'd like to make a donation over the phone, or if you have any questions, 
Call  480-463-1079 

We need a level playing field, not a rigged system. 

For your business, your job,  your choices, and your school,  we can make Arizona opportunities open for you!