Fireworks Survey

Fireworks in a holiday display can be breathtakingly beautiful and very fun!  But fireworks in a neighborhood can be dangerous, pose harms to breathing, and fire hazards to homes. 

Neighbors have expressed it this way:  

 "It sounds like a war zone. Loud explosions going off constantly. Pets have been over-stressed and quaking for many hours; veterans with PTSD, people just wishing to get a decent night's sleep: all are having their rights denied." fireworkstempe.jpg

"This New Years fireworks in our neighborhood was the worst I have experienced in years. Besides the issues of people with PTSD, disabilities, and pet anxiety/trauma, I am worried about the safe use of fireworks."  

"Fireworks used in neighborhoods is something that was opposed by every fire Department in the state.  Every 4th of July,  I worry about my house going up in flames.  I consider that an infringement of my liberties."  

"Rockets were shooting in our neighborhood for over 5 days each holiday from 6:30pm to 1:00 am. Healthcare workers are exhausted and need to sleep, children and pets are scared, veterans with PTSD are overwhelmed. The police do nothing.

Please help."

What are your concerns about Fireworks?   

Air quality with COPD or Asthma?   Noise?  Fire Hazards?  

Please answer the survey questions.  Your responses will be used to determine what and if fireworks regulations should be improved in Arizona.  Also,  we might form a group on Facebook for you to share your concerns.  There has to be a way to find common ground for people who enjoy fireworks to do so without trampling their neighbors' rights. 

How much is NOISE a problem for you and your household? (including pets, family, others...)

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