76 Trombones and Your Town

Strike Out the Band ... 
Law to levy tax for city band nears final note 

 February 18, 2019   marching-band_capTimes_clipart.jpg

Note from Mitzi Epstein - HB2454 might be intended to remove unnecessary laws,  or it might be a placeholder for a striker. I expect it to be a "vehicle" bill,  one that will be used to skip normal vetting steps.  

But on the face of it,  ...  here's a quote from the article... 
“I love marching bands, I love music, I love the idea of a band in the gazebo,” Rep. Mitzi Epstein, D-Tempe, said when the legislation was debated in committee. “Arizona has a lot of small towns and therefore should be able to have the flexibility to do what they want.”     


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