GOP Chair Attacked my Family and Voter Rights

 Instead of listening to the people of Arizona, Kelli Ward, leader of the Arizona Republican Party,  Scot Musi and the Free Enterprise Club have been tweeting and posting false and ludicrous complaints about voter fraud.  


I know they are false.  I know their accusations are wrong because their most recent attacks have been directed at my son. Like many Arizonans, he  used a mail-in ballot when he attended college out of state.   

My son has voted legally, properly, correctly.    

However, these few Republican operatives accused him of crimes he did not commit – voting in two states during the same election cycle -- and Ward's followers accused him of being arrested.

None of their allegations have any merit. 

The Arizona Attorney General’s office researched the evidence and case law and declined any further action.  Nonetheless, the Arizona Republican Party and Scott Musi used this false accusation to advance an equally false narrative ...

that mail-in voting was not secure and fair.

None of it is true.  But don’t let it scare you.  Your voice and your vote matter. 

In response to an unfounded complaint of double voting, the Arizona Attorney General found there was no evidence of wrongful conduct and decided not to pursue it.   Republican Chair Kelli Ward,  Republican attorney Tim LaSota, and Peggy McClain  alleged incorrect and unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in the complaint.  Their followers have repeated the falsehoods on social media for weeks. Will these rumors and bullying tactics scare voters away from casting their ballots?  No!  Arizona voters hold their rights to vote dearly, and they will not be deterred by these underhanded schemes.

Your vote matters. 

We must not let these few people in Republican power circles who post false rumors ever shake our confidence in the most fundamental foundation of America:  your right to vote. 

You have a right to vote and I will continue to work to help every eligible Arizonan have better access to voting.

I call upon GOP Chairwoman Kelly Ward,  the Free Enterprise Club, and the several  Republican legislators who posted false rumors, to retract those statements and cease promoting falsehoods about voting, and start listening to the hundreds of thousands of Americans marching in the streets demanding equal rights and equal justice.


If you disagree with my positions in politics, disagree with me.  Leave my family out of it.  There was a time when decency required that as a basic principle of civil discourse.   Let’s return to that decency.   

I will continue to focus on COVID-19 Relief,  racial justice, and a fiscally responsible budget that serves the people of Arizona.   I have been bringing together the members of the House Democratic Caucus to collaborate on bills for a special session that can uplift working people,  protecting their health and their work.   We are reaching out to stakeholders and our Republican colleagues to develop solutions that work for everybody. 


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