Re-election Petition


You can help our Campaign for 2020!  
Step #1 Sign my petition online,  or in person.   

  • To sign online,  Click this button to go to the AZ SOS website to sign my official online petition.  It's easy!
  • To sign in person,  stop by one of our Yard Sign pickup locations, where you can also sign a petition. 
  • To help gather signatures, give me a call or dm me on Facebook, or see me at a community meeting! 

 In Arizona, we elect legislators every 2 years.   Incumbents like I am,  as well as challengers need petitions signed every 2 years. 

  Step #2  Donate

      Button_donate_Blue_me.JPG     Right now is a great time to help with a donation.  Click here to donate  

  Would you like to tag a friend on social media and ask them to donate too?   


 Step #3  Donate again.  Or ask a friend to donate. Floor_smile_2019_may24.JPG

 The more fundraising we get done now, the more time I will have to knock on doors! 

             Would you please copy and paste this page into an email with the link,   and send it to a friend? 
             If you'd like to share the work I've done,  you can give them the link to my webpage, "Action at the Legislature" (click here.)   


Step #4  Volunteer 


Click the yellow button to sign up to help with stuffing envelopes, calling voters, painting, driving,  or lots of fun jobs to do together.