Short Bio Mitzi Epstein

200-Word Statement Submitted to Clean Elections for Voter Pamphlet

General Election  Nov 3, 2020

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During this pandemic, we are worried about our children and their education, our jobs, grandparents, essential workers’ health, and our favorite local businesses. I hear you, and as your State Representative, I am working to help.


With an innovative spirit, we can create a brighter tomorrow by prioritizing what matters, today:

  • Good jobs and good health go together. We cannot solve one without the other.
  • Great schools
  • Clean air, water and a healthy environment

Past legislators cut education funding in the last recession, and it has never been restored!

Our budget must be balanced, but not on the backs of our children and teachers. Not again.

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Experience and skills:

As a computer systems analyst and your State Representative, I have built consensus and developed sensible solutions. I always prioritize seeking out your views and expertise in creating a successful path forward.

 I have:

  • Formed a Neighbors Council that passed Jake’s Law
  • Established family caregiver grants that help seniors
  • Served on the Kyrene School Board ’05-‘08
  • Experience in large businesses and running my own small business

I will apply my business analytical skills and team-building experience to form a collaborative plan for our brighter tomorrow.  

Click here for more information about my experience as a computer systems analyst in manufacturing and banking, and as a collaborative problem-solver in our community.