Vote for Both

Please vote for TWO Democrats for the Arizona House of Representatives. 

Mitzi Epstein and Jennifer Jermaine


I want to return to the House of Representatives because I want to work on long term plans to keep Arizona competitive.  

We need reliable funding for our K-12 public schools,  district and charter schools.  We need sustainable plans for clean air, water, infrastructure, and public safety.  

When you vote for BOTH:   Mitzi Epstein  and  Jennifer Jermaine,  you vote for a bright future for Arizona.  

All the Legislative Districts in Arizona get to elect TWO representatives to the State House, meaning that every voter gets to vote for TWO candidates!

Please re-elect  BOTH  Mitzi Epstein and  Jennifer  Jermaine to the AZ House of Representatives, LD18.  

In 2016,  I was the only Democratic candidate for the Arizona State House.   In 2018,  I won re-election,  and Jennifer Jermaine won also and is dedicated to listening to you and achieving your goals for a bright future. 

 TWO candidates. 
You can vote for BOTH
Jennifer Jermaine and Mitzi Epstein
for State House of Representatives!

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