Mitzi Epstein on the Issues


Great schools, quality jobs, and fiscal responsibility 


Mitzi Epstein on the Issues


Great schools, quality jobs, and fiscal responsibility 



Our community expects high quality public schools to support property values and local businesses today and to prepare our children to meet the unknowns of tomorrow with skills and confidence. Public education is the foundation of a thriving economy, freedom, and quality of life. We must educate the whole child. Neither a child nor a school should be reduced to one test score. Our schools need arts, PE, technology, school counselors, as well as rigorous courses in English, math, science and social studies. Arizona teachers and students deserve respect and support. Mitzi will work to ensure we’re investing in schools that are high quality, equitable and accountable. 


Having worked in the financial sector and in technology, Mitzi’s experience and knowledge has been put to good use in the legislature to take a critical eye to proposed legislation. “I leverage my own experience and skills with the knowledge of an ever-growing network of experts in technology and finance. Together, we do the work to balance support for innovations with protections for consumers,” Mitzi explains. In the senate, Mitzi will ensure local small businesses are supported, corporations are accountable to the community while given space to innovate, and above all, that as taxpayers, every resident enjoys the balance between keeping our hard-earned income while contributing fairly to the community services that ensure a high quality of life.

Government Accountability

Taxpayers deserve transparency and accountability of every dollar our government spends. Too often, programs and cuts alike are passed without a clear understanding of how they will affect our budget and our communities.  “How will it affect you?” Mitzi asks real people all the time.  Mitzi has experience using analyses and metrics to understand the impacts of proposals before voting them into law. The government shouldn’t be allowed to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on partisan games, whether on farcical election audits or partisan vanity projects.

Water & Environment

Arizona is vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Climate change will have significant impacts on water resources and economic opportunities. In the Senate, Mitzi will work with hydrologists, attorneys, and all stakeholders to consider the facts and the science. We must make sure that our choices today will assure access to adequate, clean water tomorrow. 

As we consider potential sources of water for the future – such as extremely expensive desalination projects– we must address groundwater management now. Otherwise water augmentation is like adding endless water to a leaky bucket.  Higher taxes and higher costs for water are the wrong path,  but a balance of conservation and growth can be reached if all stakeholders are included in developing solutions. 


Safe neighborhoods are fundamental to our quality of life. Our firefighters and public safety professionals deserve adequate funding to meet today’s challenges as well as a secure retirement. Arizona should pass sensible background checks, to keep firearms out of the hands of people with dangerous histories. Responsible gun ownership is every American’s right, and there are common sense ways to protect children and communities from violence that are proven and effective. It is beyond time to enact sensible laws for safe schools and safe communities. Your safety and your perspective about how to be safe are top of mind for Mitzi.   

Neighborhoods, Communities & Families

The cost of living, especially the cost of housing, has risen dramatically; Mitzi will ensure the choices in our control are made responsibly, with children, taxpayers and families as the priority. Renters want simpler contracts and easier processes to get repairs done.  Landlords want reasonable laws to support their efforts to keep apartment buildings safe. Children and teens need more education and support when it comes to mental health, social media threats, and suicide prevention. We can keep our communities safer while reducing red tape for everybody. 

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