Mitzi Epstein on the Issues


Great schools, quality jobs, and fiscal responsibility 

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Mitzi Epstein on the Issues


Great schools, quality jobs, and fiscal responsibility 

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ME_in_office_2020-0108_pink_jackeg.jpgOur community expects high quality public schools to support property values and local businesses today and to prepare our children to meet the unknowns of tomorrow with skills and confidence. Public education is the foundation of a thriving economy, freedom, and quality of life. We must educate the whole child. Neither a child nor a school should be reduced to one test score. Our schools need arts, PE, technology, school counselors, as well as rigorous courses in English, math, science and social studies. Mitzi will work to ensure we’re investing in schools that are high quality, equitable and accountable. 

Earlier this year, Republicans pushed forward the nation’s largest private school voucher program, which stands to drain up to $1 BILLION from Arizona’s district and charter schools that our community - and 95% of the state - relies on. Mitzi will never stop fighting these unaccountable schemes that hurt the public schools our families choose. 

Together with the Education Caucus in the legislature, Mitzi has developed

The Plan to Invest in Arizona's Children

#1 - Lift the AEL,  the artificial limit on K12 spending that is stopping our school districts from having access to the funds that the legislature put into the budget for them.   Click to Read More.  
This is a serious issue in this election. 20 Republican legislators voted "NAY"  when the rest of the current legislators voted to approve HCR2039,  which Lifted the AEL for the past school year.  We need legislators who recognize the AEL MUST be lifted and will vote YES,  to lift it for this school year,  and to update it so it is not a harmful barrier in the next 10 years.  

Mitzi Epstein has been a long-time, and highly respected advocate for strong public schools. She leads the House Democratic Caucus on committee and floor debates to improve K12 funding.

 Click here for Mitzi's endorsements from education advocacy groups. 

   Rebecca_Wolf_and_son_and_ME_at_door_2022-0721.jpg   Corona_Del_Sol_HS_girl_with_2021_grads_ME_2021_.jpg    

Reproductive Healthcare & Abortion

Arizonans’ reproductive rights, including access to safe and legal abortion, have come under attack like never before, but Mitzi is committed to fighting these intrusions on our right to private and personal healthcare decisions. Despite the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the Arizona Legislature has the power to protect our rights - but only with the right people in office. 


Water & Environment

Arizona is vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Climate change will have significant impacts on water resources and economic opportunities. In the Senate, Mitzi will work with hydrologists, attorneys, and all stakeholders to consider the facts and the science. We must make sure that our choices today will assure access to adequate, clean water tomorrow. 

As we consider potential sources of water for the future – such as extremely expensive desalination projects– we must address groundwater management now. Otherwise water augmentation is like adding endless water to a leaky bucket.  Higher taxes and higher costs for water are the wrong path,  but a balance of conservation and growth can be reached if all stakeholders are included in developing solutions. 


Having worked in the financial sector and in technology, Mitzi’s experience and knowledge has been put to good use in the legislature to take a critical eye to proposed legislation. “I leverage my own experience and skills with the knowledge of an ever-growing network of experts in technology and finance. Together, we do the work to balance support for innovations with protections for consumers,” Mitzi explains. In the senate, Mitzi will ensure local small businesses are supported, corporations are accountable to the community while given space to innovate, and above all, that as taxpayers, every resident enjoys the balance between keeping our hard-earned income while contributing fairly to the community services that ensure a high quality of life.

Government Accountability

Taxpayers deserve transparency and accountability of every dollar our government spends. Too often, programs and cuts alike are passed without a clear understanding of how they will affect our budget and our communities.  “How will it affect you?” Mitzi asks real people all the time.  Mitzi has experience using analyses and metrics to understand the impacts of proposals before voting them into law. The government shouldn’t be allowed to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on partisan games, whether on farcical election audits or partisan vanity projects.


Safe neighborhoods are fundamental to our quality of life. Our firefighters and public safety professionals deserve adequate funding to meet today’s challenges as well as a secure retirement. Arizona should pass sensible background checks, to keep firearms out of the hands of people with dangerous histories. Responsible gun ownership is every American’s right, and there are common sense ways to protect children and communities from violence that are proven and effective. It is beyond time to enact sensible laws for safe schools and safe communities. Your safety and your perspective about how to be safe are top of mind for Mitzi.   

Neighborhoods, Communities & Families

The cost of living, especially the cost of housing, has risen dramatically; Mitzi will ensure the choices in our control are made responsibly, with children, taxpayers and families as the priority. Renters want simpler contracts and easier processes to get repairs done.  Landlords want reasonable laws to support their efforts to keep apartment buildings safe. Children and teens need more education and support when it comes to mental health, social media threats, and suicide prevention. We can keep our communities safer while reducing red tape for everybody. 

Voting Rights

Mitzi believes there is nothing more sacred than our right to free and fair elections where all qualified citizens have maximum access to their right to vote. Last session, Mitzi helped stopped dozens of disastrous bills that would have ended early voting, kicked millions of valid voters off the voter list, and endangered the very core of our democracy. In the Senate, Mitzi will fight to ensure every Arizona voter’s rights are protected and preserved. 


Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona 


Arizona Nurses Association PAC and  ArMPAC 

AzNA -We endeavor to educate candidates and legislators about professional nursing and general health care issues   

ArMPAC is a non-partisan state political action committee that provides support to physician-friendly candidates.
ArMPAC’s goal is to give physicians a strong voice in healthcare policymaking process.

AZ_Nurses_2022.jpg          1_ArMPAC_physicians_2022.jpg   

Friends of ASBA -

  does not endorse,  but rates incumbents by voting records.  Click for details. 



  Arizona Education Association FUND  -

Teachers and Educators with many titles supporting candidates who will truly support public schools   



Stand for Children 

Every school should be a place where students grow into critical thinkers. Parents, educators, and students are mobilizing with Stand for Children in Arizona.



Voting Rights Fund 

        Epstein__Mitzi_-_VRF_Endorsements_2022.jpg   A-VRF_voting_rights_fund_logo.jpg      



314 Action Fund

“Electing scientists who will use evidence and facts to fight climate change and fix our broken healthcare system.” 


Mitzi Epstein is a computer scientist.    

Climate Cabinet

Helping local leaders run, win, and legislate on the climate crisis.”

Sierra Club

  Arizona List,   NOW,   Emily's  List 


Arizona List supports  thoughtful, Democratic, pro-choice women
who will roll up their sleeves and do the work.   NOW - the Arizona PAC of the National Organization for Women works for equal rights,  ending violence against women,  reproductive rights and more.  See more at the NOW PAC website. 


 REALTORS of Arizona PAC   

RAPAC represents more than 57,000 real estate professionals and they advocate for balanced regulations, strong communities, and policies that support home ownership and housing for all Arizonans.   



Mom's Demand Action- Candidate of Distinction


Progressive Turnout Project


Sister District Project




American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees - support for working families

   Unite Here Local 11 Political Committee



Arizona AFL-CIO


Represent skilled workers including bakers, bricklayers, communications workers, electrical workers, food and commercial workers, letter carriers, machinists and aerospace workers,  sheet metal workers, teachers, Teamsters, theater stage employees, retirees and more. 

Teamsters Local 104   a_Teamsters.gif     

Arizona Pipe Trades 469 PAC


Arizona Building and Construction Trades Council


Human Rights Campaign

"The Human Rights Campaign is proud to endorse pro-equality, pro-democracy champions"

Save Our Schools Arizona

Humane Voters of AZ

Humane Voters of Arizona (HVA) is an all-volunteer, non-partisan organization that supports candidates who care about animals and animal protection.

Some Organizations ask questions, but do not endorse candidates.  Click the name of the organization to
See Mitzi Epstein's answers to their questions:  

CAA-CEP - Children's Action Alliance

Mitzi Epstein scored 100%   
Legislators' Scorecard  from  Children's Action Alliance - click here. 


Mitzi Epstein Pledged to support high quality early childhood education.Born_To_Learn_AZ_logo-not_endorser_Pledge.png     


Most importantly... Mitzi is backed by her constituents!

"I am writing to you as a constituent in your district. I do not need or want anything. I just want to thank you. I remember when you rode up to my door on your bicycle in August. You asked what concerned me. I think you heard me. I voted for you and you made the best of your success.  So, I want to say thank you for representing us." - LD12 Constituent Janeen Dahn in April 2020



Public Education Advocate and School Board Candidate - Recent Graduate 



"Rep. Epstein is the reason I have hope for our democracy. 
She is a champion of the people, someone who will
work across the aisle to get things done, and she is a genuinely good person."

- Former Maricopa County Recorder  Adrian Fontes,  Candidate for AZ Secretary of State






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