March Nutshell


In addition to some beautiful spring weather, March had some real WINS in it, not least of which was securing my spot on the August and November ballots for a seat in the Arizona Senate. I want to thank every single voter who signed my nominating petition, whether online using our state-of-the-art, fully-secure E-Qual system or on paper. A huge THANK YOU to the volunteers, friends and supporters who circulated my petition and spoke to your neighbors about the ways I’ve served our community for the last 30 years and how I’ll keep listening and serving you in the Senate.


Congratulations also to the other Democrats who qualified across the state and especially to the FOUR solid Democrats running for two seats in the Arizona House of Representatives in LD12. With strong engagement, we have a chance to protect our THREE blue seats which also means continuing to fight for quality jobs, great schools, and fiscal responsibility. 



March also saw some real downers: Republicans - led by Governor Ducey, his billionaire donors and extreme right-wing special interest groups - celebrated the final defeat of Proposition 208, which voters approved in 2020 in order to put more than $900 million into our public and charter schools. This ruling was a direct affront to the will of Arizona voters who approved the measure and an absolute tragedy for our public schools who do amazing work everyday despite having the lowest paid teachers in the nation and some of the lowest per-student investment in the nation as well. If the Legislature would invest in our 1.1 million students as the overwhelming majority of voters want, our state’s future would be exponentially more prosperous, more competitive and more equitable. 

There were also unnecessary, damaging and discriminatory bills banning abortion even in cases of incest and rape, bills banning transgender children from seeking medical treatment even with doctor and parent permission and bills making it harder and more inconvenient for legal voters to vote. These attacks on Arizonan’s rights and liberties are all reasons we need to focus on electing Democrats in LD12 as well as the Secretary of State’s office and the Governor’s seat this year! 



To end on a brighter note, March also saw a number of canvasses - if you are available to pair up with a new friend or bring a buddy and knock on neighbors’ doors, sign up here! We will give you all the training and materials you need to spread the word about my campaign and others so that instead of attacking Arizonans’ rights, we can be building up and improving our communities together. Sign up to canvass with us here!

Can’t canvass but want to support my campaign, donate here! Every dollar is used to reach more voters about my fight for great schools, quality jobs and fiscal responsibility.